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HISKids Children's Music


What Is HISKids? 
HISKids is a Christ-centered children's choir (singing and handbells) open to any children in 1st through 8th grades. Starting for the 2016/2017 season we will have two vocal choir and bell choir ensembles. The ensembles will consist of grades 1-3 (K.C. Praise) and grades 4-8 (K.C. JAM). YES, students may participate in one choir and not the other!  All children are welcome to be part of HisKids with the understanding that choir members are expected to attend weekly Sunday morning rehearsals from 11am-12:15pm and other special events (e.g. Christmas Eve) when the choir is participating in worship. We participate in worship on a regular basis, and also a Christmas Eve service, and a spring musical. Participation in HISKids is free. There may be incidental costs for rehearsal CDs and/or musical T-Shirts.

Parent Note:
Please be sure to see that your child gets a snack in Ballard Hall following Children's Church (Between 10:30-11am). No snack will be provided at HisKids this year.

HISKids (Grades 1-8) Registration click here.

Rehearsal Sunday Mornings
New Schedule

Time Choir Room Bell Room
11:45-12:15pm Grades 1-3 (K.C. Praise) Bell Ensemble Rehearsal Grades 4-8 Vocal Choir Rehearsal
11-11:40am Grades 4-8 (K.C. JAM) Bell Ensemble Rehearsal Grades 1-3 Vocal Ensemble Rehearsal


Sunday Services
On Sunday mornings that the HISKids choir is participating in worship leadership they will usually sing and/or ring at both traditional services (9:30 AM and 11 AM) in the sanctuary. We ask that the children arrive at the CCPC Bell Room by 9 AM to warm up and get organized. HISKids normally lead worship near the beginning of each service. After the 9:30 service, the HISKids directors will accompany the children to Children's Church, then gather them again at 10:30 in time to warm up for the 11 AM service.

Christmas Eve Service 2016 - 3:30 PM
On Christmas Eve, HISKids provide music leadership for one service. Our schedule has us leading again at the 3:30 service for 2016.

Spring Musical and Choir Tour

This year we are aiming for a Spring musical production and local Choir Tour with details to be announced. Each of these opportunities will require additional rehearsals prior to the performances.



Daily Scripture

  • Matthew 19:14

Traditional Worship
8:00 - 9:30 - 11:00

Worship - Contemporary

975 S. Sunbury Rd.
Westerville, OH  43081