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We are beginning a new mission to support Christians in Haiti! Working through Living Hope Mission (www.livinghopemission.org), CCPC has made possible the purchase of a piece of property for an existing congregation without a church building in True-du-Nord, a city of 37,000 in northeastern Haiti. This country, devastated by natural disasters and a long history of exploitative governments, is fertile ground for the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Living Hope works with pastors using local labor to build churches, install wells, and then build church-run schools in this country where 59% of the population lives on less than $2 a day, less than 50% of households have no access to clean water, and fewer than 1 in 2 children can attend school. Please remember the Christians of True-du-Nord in your prayers!

Hurricane Matthew has brought new devastation to a land hit hard by natural disasters and suffering from decades of ineffective governance. What's the answer?

  • Disaster relief given through Central College will be forwarded directly to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Simply note: "Hurricane Matthew" on your gift.
  • Central College has approved funds to purchase property for the construction of a church and school for an existing congregation in Trou-du-Nord, Haiti.

    Prayerfully consider including an extra-opportunity gift for this mission along with your pledge for 2017. Our hope is to raise $40,000 to fully cover the cost of the church construction.

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  • Acts 20:24

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