Health Happanings:
Staying Fit and Handling Stress During "Stay-at-Home" 
- By Amy Taylor BSN, RN

Pastor Malcolm and I have been able to do a few video updates for the church family
recently so for those who haven’t seen the video, these are the updates with links to some
resources that I covered.

Our topics today were handling the stress of our current “stay at home” orders with the
challenges of working from home, kids home from school, layoffs, finances and concerns of
contracting the coronavirus. It is a lot!

Our bodies are wonderfully made to equip us to manage stress, but we are not made to
live in a continued state of stress. Our bodies produce a number of hormones which eventually
release corticosteroids. Similar to steroid medications such as prednisone, they are good for
short term needs, but if those levels remain elevated too long, they can lead to inflammation,
increased insulin resistance and other health conditions.

Meditation and relaxation techniques are a good way to diminish stress. Some smartphone “apps”
that I like are Abide, Calm, and Centering Prayer. All have free versions. Daily devotions are
another faith-based approach to minimize stress. Try reading something when you get up in the
morning and also prior to bedtime. Two books that I enjoy are Jesus Calling by Sarah Young and
Wake Up to the Word by Joyce Meyer, but there are many good options to choose. I also like a
website that is for inspirational devotions.

Another ideal way to decrease stress is through exercise. The best exercise is any that you like
and will continue to do. In times like this when we can’t go to the gym or play other group
sports, there are workouts to be found online, you can use those exercise bands that most of us
own if we ever did therapy. Attached you will find a sheet for exercise and also one for 101
Ways to Decrease Stress. Stay tuned for some workouts for specific age groups soon.
Finally, we discussed that some newer symptoms of Covid-19 could be a loss of taste
and/or smell. In the elderly population, the common fever may not be an early symptom, but
increased fatigue and body aches are. Also, if you or someone you have been in contact with
has symptoms whether or not they are being tested for the coronavirus, you should self-
quarantine yourself for 14 days unless it is confirmed that Covid-19 is not the cause of the

Be safe and stay healthy!
Amy Taylor BSN, RN

Exercise Sheet                101 Ways to Reduce Stress

Daily Scripture

04 June 2020

  • Proverbs 15:1
    “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”


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