Liz Klish - Class of 2019
My dad was, and my mom is, a member of CCPC, I have two brothers, one of them was married at CCPC by Rev. Ellsworth. I have one niece and two nephews. I have been married to Evan Klish since 2010, with no children, but four pets.
Lis is a Procedure Consultant in Auto Finance Credit Bureau Operations.
I went to CCPC from the time I was baptized, although my family was not very consistent when it came to attending church. Christ became more real to me when I found myself having a heart procedure in 2011. For whatever reason, I didn't fall asleep while the procedure was performed, and I laid awake on the table contemplating my life, especially if it would have ended suddenly. I then realized that I wanted to live with more purpose than I currently was, so I decided to start owning my faith by reading on my own, and acting on what I was reading.
Liz was Baptized by Rev. Ellsworth at CCPC as an infant, grew up attending CCPC, became a member during my senior year of high school, reconnecting with CCPC in 2011 as I started to attend Young Adult Bible Study. Started volunteering with Children's Ministry and Youth Fellowship in 2014, still involved with Youth Fellowship and Young Adult Bible Study, filling in with Children's Ministry as needed. I was called to be a Deacon in 2016, and I am currently serving in the Class of 2019.
Upon joining the Board of Deacons, I volunteered to be the co-chair of the Helping Hands Ministry. Presently, this ministry is very small, but I hope to bring my ideas to life in a way that grows the capacity of the ministry, and helps as many people inside and outside of CCPC as possible.
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Daily Scripture

  • Jeremiah 23:24
    “Who can hide in secret places so that I cannot see them?” declares the LORD. “Do not I fill heaven and earth?” declares the LORD.”

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